In a world of supernatural beings, races of powerful beings walk the world and subjugate mortals. It’s an era of mythology, when creatures of every shape and size roam the skies and saunter on the land.

The world of GodWars2 is unlike any other. It’s a world filled with magic and wonder, and also a world filled with danger and terror. It is also a time when neverending wars have laid waste to vast populations. The conflict between two opposing forces, Order and Chaos, has sprung forth, giving rise to legends that will forever be remembered. Will you be among the heroes of this age? Or will you sulk back and watch the two multiverses tear the world apart?

The choice is for you to make!

In GodWars 2, you play as a soldier who is out to make a name for himself in the ensuing conflict. You are equipped with all the implements of war, but be very cautious in choosing the right weapons and armor to wield. Preparation is everything, and in order to survive the test of wills, you will need to have the right mix of equipment, in a gameplay so unique you will surely spend long hours optimizing your character and eliminate those that get in your way. The PK system allows you to engage other online players.

Yet the highlight of this game is the freestyle character customization feature in which you can choose from a hundred different abilities and six different character classes, each with its unique set of traits, strengths, and weaknesses. The game also allows you to adopt pets who can serve you in the heat of combat.

GodWars 2 also involves an open-world experience where you get to explore computer generated scenery. You can also shift between alternate versions of reality.

Combat has also been streamlined and you can fight a whole host of monsters as well as online players. The beauty of it all is that it provides different fighting techniques.

Now that you have acquainted yourself with this world, will you strive and survive?