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D&D miniatures: The best tabletop adventuring minis

These D&D miniatures will bring immersion to your roleplaying. These are the top D&D miniatures in all sizes and shapes.Dungeons & Dragons

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It’s fun to field D&D miniatures for your roleplay campaign. It might be exciting to imagine your Dragonborn Monk bouncing around the battlefield map, swinging open doors, and then running through the frame only to find a pair of Bodaks waiting for him. It’s even more satisfying to see your DM hammer the miniatures of undead monstrosities into your Monk mini with such a sadistic glee.

Where can you find such terrifying D&D miniatures that are both detailed and vicious enough for the D&D monsters to be feared? There are many options available, so even veteran miniature wargamers might struggle to find the right place to start when exploring the vast world of RPGs. But fret no more. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most popular miniatures for tabletop adventuring.

We will be discussing player character, NPC and monster miniatures. Additionally, we’ll discuss the quality and cost of the many minis that are available. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your miniature beholders and protecting your miniaturized adventurers.

Are miniatures necessary?

Let’s be clear: miniatures are not necessary to play D&D.

If you want to have more complicated encounters in which the relationship between characters and monsters is crucial to player actions and the movement and battle of battle need to be clearly visualized, miniatures are a great way to recreate combat without losing the immersion of roleplay. You can see the rabid owlbear five feet from your halfling rogue. Watch in terror as the tentacular mind-flayer comes onto the field.

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These suggestions may prove useful if you decide to get on the miniatures train.

Nolzur’s Marvellous Miniatures

Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures is a website that you probably came across if you spent any time searching the internet for D&D miniatures. It was designed by Wizkids and licensed by Wizards of the Coast. It is the official line of D&D miniatures and it is, for the most parts, very serviceable.

They are sold as singles and allow Dungeon Masters the ability to pick up NPCs, player characters, or monster minis that are relevant to their adventure. You’ll find the perfect sculpts, regardless of whether you’re a Male Dwarf Fighter and a Female Tiefling Warlock. There are many monster options.

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You can get the appropriate miniature if you are certain that a marilith, or beholder, will appear during your party’s campaign. Although the entire bestiary may not be covered here, Nolzur’s can help you add gravitas to some of the most important battles in your campaign by miniatureizing your enemies into small plastic sculpts.

These miniatures aren’t cheap at $7.00/PS5.00 to $14.00/PS10 each, but they aren’t expensive either. These miniatures are made for beginners who love D&D, but have just begun to explore the world of minis. Expect noticeable mould lines and lack of detail in certain areas. These are especially useful if you only plan to pick up a few.

Reaper miniatures

Reaper Miniatures is another staple in the D&D miniatures market. They offer an extensive selection of fantasy miniatures. You can be sure it will have whatever you need to add to your campaign. Do you want a giant crab to attack your party? It’s possible. What about a collection abyssal devils. Ah, yes. A skeletal manticore? You can also do that. Reaper Miniatures has a variety of miniatures that are specific to each race or class.

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Reaper Miniatures also makes metal sculpts but is best known for its plastic minis (or bone) line. It’s a flexible plastic option that offers the same detail as D&D sculpts and is affordable. Many people love it.

Best monster miniatures

Pathfinder Pawns might be a good option if you are looking for large quantities of monster miniatures for your tabletop battle map. These are not sculpted miniatures. They’re flat, double-sided cardboard tokens. Although they may not be as detailed as true three-dimensional minis but the artwork is stunning.

There are plenty. The Bestiary 2 Pawn Box contains over 300 pawns from 250 creatures. They come in different sizes, small and large. There are many pawn options, from gripplis to golems. While some might not be able to fit on your table, it is nice to have the option to write a hippocampus in your campaign.

You can choose any pawnbox that matches your bestiary if you are a Pathfinder player. Even if you aren’t a D&D enthusiast, the games’ important monstrozoological overlap means that you will find many pawns useful.

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It’s not necessary to buy a lot of miniatures. Instead, you can pick up the official licensed D&D board game: Castle Ravenloft (2010) and Wrath of Ashardalon (2011). Also, the Legend of Drizzt (2011), Temple of Elemental Evil (2015) and Tomb of Annihilation (2016) are all great options. They form the Adventure System board games series and are a treasure trove for dungeon masters.

Each set comes with approximately 40 single-colour, unpainted miniatures in a variety of sizes, for both player characters and monsters. These sets are somewhat thematic. Castle Ravenloft has a lot of undead to go along with its horror theme. Wrath of Ashardalon, on the other hand, features a lot of kobolds and orcs for more traditional fantasy fare. The variety of monsters included in each set will give you plenty of options for any beasties that you choose to field in your roleplaying.

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It is important to not overlook the price point. Arshadalon 35 figures will cost you $46.71/PS49.95. That’s a not-at-all bad $1.30/PS1.40 per mini. The games also include a variety of tokens and accessories you may find useful in your dungeon mastering. These include modular dungeon tiles and counters that can be used to track stats.

The best part is that the board games are also great fun. They are cooperative dungeon crawlers and can be used in multiple situations. They use simplified rules systems and incorporate light RPG elements. It is important to not overlook the double benefit of excellent miniatures and a great board game.

Pre-painted miniatures at their best

It’s not for everyone. If the words dry brushing’ or base coasting’ make you hesitate, there are simple ways to purchase pre-painted miniatures.

You can find a cheaper option if you look for official licensed Icons of the Realms packs. This one is made to be used with the D&D starter sets. These miniatures are averagely detailed, but they can be useful for players who want to field minis for specific adventures.

You might be a bit more careful with your wallet and open to the idea of Icons of the Realms booster pack. The blind boosters are themed around Wizard’s D&D sourcebooks and include four random miniatures at a cost of $20 / PS20 per pack. This is not a cheap way to build a collection, nor the best. Do not be seduced by the brand, but give it a shot if you want to recreate the excitement of opening a Pokemon pack and feeling disappointed as the opportunity fades away.

Best custom miniatures

Hero Forge is the perfect place to find a miniature that captures your character perfectly. It will translate all their threads and hairstyles into a exact replica. You can design a miniature custom from the site’s modular body parts or accessories. Then, a 3D printed miniature will be created of your character.

There are many options for clothing, gears, mounts and bodies as well as heads, heads and even races. The Hero Forge has a limited range of customization options. However, it is not impossible to find a wide variety of clothing, gear and heads. You will be pondering the style of your character’s helmets. Although the options aren’t endless, there is enough variety to satisfy the needs of those who want a mini that stands out.

Keep in mind the cost. A 30mm plastic miniature will cost you $19.99/PS14.50. If you roleplay online on Roll20, Roll20, or similar sites, you could also buy your creation in unity3d digital format.

Spare miniatures are a great idea!

You don’t have to buy new miniatures if there are already some from other tabletop adventures. Have some of those scaly Lizardmen you promised to build with your Seraphon army? You can use them as kobolds. A box containing a large Kings of War Orc army? These can be used in your next D&D encounter. In some DnD settings, Warhammer 40k Orks may work.

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As stand-ins, miniatures can be great. Any miniature can be used as a stand-in, provided it provides a suitable visual accompaniment to the encounter and conveys the right sense of scale or action. Make sure to keep track of which miniature is acting as the monster. It would be a shame for your DM not to remember that the frightening worg at the table was actually a tiny boar.

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