The Top 5 Types of Computer Games that Could Entertain You

There are a lot of computer games that have been spinning around the market lately. Some of these games have already reached their popularity. They’ve entertained a numerous amount of players around the globe and with the boom of the cyber era no wonder it will be in a new level again.

Let’s have a glimpse of the top 5 list of types of computer games that could entertain you the most:

(RTS) Real-Time Strategy


This type of game lets you create a strategy to build up your bases, armies and etc. It also lets you find strategic ways to pump up the inventory of your items. In the course of the game, players can play together in real-time.

(FPS) First Person Shooters


If you’re always dreaming yourself on the battlefield or a war-like scenario. This type of game will suit you well because the game is viewed as a first person.



There’s no denying that we’re a fan of playing real-sports like those ball games and many more. We also like to see and control our favorite athlete in our own hands. Playing just like in the T.V screens that’s like real-time viewing.

(RPG) Role-Playing Games


If you like taking yourself into an adventure and venturing out yourself into a fictional place. These game suites you best because of the roles that every character is having throughout the game. You’ll be having different characters to choose from that goes through the story-line of the game.

(MMO) Massively Multiplayer Online


If you’re looking for a game that lets you interact with the other players in the virtual game. These games fit you right because it lets you have interaction between massive networks of players. This also has features like character creation, customization, party system and etc.

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